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How to Choose a Compatible Laptop Charger
2021-01-04 11:02:01

Most laptops come with different types of chargers depending on their models and brand. Their batteries can only last for a particular period, and after that, you will need a dedicated adapter or laptop charger for using your laptop or recharging it. Many people make the common mistake of choosing any charger they come across. This is not the right way to choose a compatible charger as there will only be a select few adapters that will work with your laptop.

Are you also searching for a compatible laptop charger? If yes, continue reading, as that is what we will discuss in this piece.

Consider the Voltage

Voltage essentially gets electrical energy for your laptop. If your laptop’s voltage is different from what the charger provides, they won’t be compatible. Why? Because the charger will not provide the adequate amount of electricity your laptop requires to run. Determining the correct voltage is also crucial to prevent powers shorting. Extra high voltage will not only destroy your charger, but may also damage your laptop.


Also referred to as current, amperage provides the laptop power. It is essentially the amount of energy flowing into a laptop. For those who don’t know, laptops require the correct amount of energy flow to each circuit inside the device. This flow should remain consistent at all times. A laptop charger’s amperage should exceed or match the amperage your laptop model requires.

AC or DC Adapter

Laptops depend on two power adapters to receive energy. They are: the DC adapter and the AC adapter. Also referred to as chargers, these adapters help in the convert electricity received from the wall outlet, making sure your laptop runs smoothly.

AC adapters transform AC power to DC power. Laptops utilize the DC power, the kind of energy that batteries provide when users don’t hook them up with chargers. On the other hand, DC adapters are vital when plugging your laptop into a default current power source. That said, most DC sources don’t offer sufficient voltage to charge a laptop’s battery.

Common sources of DC power include batteries, solar power panels, in-flight outlets, and cars.


While there are plenty of aftermarket chargers that could work well with your laptop, it would be best to choose one specifically made for your laptop model. If your device’s manufacturer provides the charger separately, consider choosing it instead of others, even if they are compatible with your laptop. Otherwise, aftermarket laptop chargers that match your laptops and voltage would be the best choice. 

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